High-Roller Casino Getaway
For a unique and fun group outing, come aboard and enjoy our high-roller experience!

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Upcoming getaway on Saturday, September 19 , 2015
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High-Roller Casino Getaway
Where Everyone is a High-Roller
 Does anyone enjoy casino gambling, a change of scenery, and being around a group of friendly, sociable folks?
Well, your time has come to getaway with all three.
 Treat yourself to a High-Roller Casino Getaway
This is your perfect getaway. For a unique & fun group outing, come get away with the high-rollers to
Biloxi, Mississippi 
Must be 21 years or older 
Reserve Your Seat Today call 813-356-9422! 
High-Roller Casino Getaway
September 19, 2015

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The High-Roller Expreience

Like a good value in first class travel and accommodations




Electric Outlets

Large Storage Space

Hardwood Floors

In Motion Direct TV

Adjustable Seats